Amsterdam Parade 2023.

Nails: A Dynamic Intersection of Beauty, Ethnicity, and Migration

Nails is not just an interactive art installation—it's a poignant commentary on the interconnectedness of the beauty industry, ethnicity, and migration. Set within the confines of a functioning nail salon staffed with Vietnamese nail technicians, attendees are given the chance to intimately connect with the migration stories of these technicians, all while receiving a nail service.

Our involvement in this installation holds a profound significance, as it serves as a solemn tribute to the 39 Vietnamese labor migrants who tragically lost their lives in a lorry container in Essex back in October 2019. Many of them were believed to be in pursuit of employment opportunities in nail salons across Europe.

We are proud to announce our third-time participation in this impactful event. Teaming up with the talented director, Pauline Oosterhoff, has been an enlightening experience. While our collective remains modest in size, our ambition and determination run deep. We seize every opportunity we get to amplify the voices within this profession, shed light on the pressing issue of human trafficking, and heighten public awareness on the matter.

Yet, it's not all somber reflections. In the spirit of the nail industry, the event was filled with joy, creativity, and the celebration of nails as an art form. After all, nails are fun, and they bring joy and color to our lives!

Amsterdam Parade 2023.

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