Are you looking for the perfect manicure in Amsterdam? Then you have come to the right place. At Amsterdam Nail, everything is about you and your nails. Whether you go for a manicure with or without gel polish.

Why a manicure?

Your hands are your showpiece. They tell a story, whether you are giving a firm handshake, waving to a friend or just holding a cup of coffee. Beautifully groomed nails show that you care about yourself and give you that extra bit of confidence. Whether you go for a natural look or a statement with colour, a manicure can work wonders.

Our manicure treatments

At Amsterdam Nail, you can visit one of our salons on Haarlemmerdijk, on Singel, or on Elandsgracht.

Manicure without gel polish: natural beauty

Not everyone is looking for the shine of gel polish. Sometimes you just want a fresh, natural look. And that's why, at Amsterdam Nail, we also offer the traditional manicure without gel polish.

What can you expect?

  1. Hand bath: We start with a warm hand bath to soften your cuticles.
  2. Filing: Your nails will be perfectly shaped.
  3. Cuticle care: Healthy cuticles are the basis of beautiful nails. We gently push them back and remove excess skin.
  4. Polishing: For a natural shine.
  5. Massage: A relaxing hand massage with nourishing creams completes this treatment.
  6. Finish: Optionally, you can opt for a transparent nail polish for extra protection and shine.

Manicure with gel polish: shine and durability

For those who want to enjoy their manicure for longer, a manicure with gel polish is the solution. This gel polish lasts for up to 3 weeks without chipping.

What can you expect?

  1. Basic preparation: As with a regular manicure, we prepare your nails with a hand bath, filing and cuticle care.
  2. Base coat: A special base coat is applied in preparation for the gel polish.
  3. Colour of your choice: Choose from our wide range of trendy colours. Whether you go for classic red, summer pink or a bold glitter, we have it all.
  4. Curing under UV lamp: This cures the gel polish quickly and gives you an immediately durable result.
  5. Topcoat: For an extra long-lasting shine.
  6. Oil: To finish, we apply a nourishing nail oil for care and protection.

Tips for after your manicure

To enjoy your manicure for as long as possible, we have a few handy tips:

  • Avoid direct contact with cleaning products: Wear gloves when cleaning.
  • Use hand cream: Keep your hands and nails moisturised with a good hand cream.
  • File: Small hooks or bumps? File them away carefully to avoid breaking.
  • For gel polish lovers: Avoid using sharp objects that could damage the gel polish.

Why choose Amsterdam Nail?

At Amsterdam Nail, everything is about you. We not only offer a wide range of treatments for a manicure, but also ensure that your experience is relaxing and enjoyable. Our professionals use the best products and techniques to ensure you leave with radiant nails every time.

Moreover, we understand that every client is unique. That's why we listen carefully to your needs and offer personalised advice, so you get the treatment that suits you perfectly.

Whether you like the natural look or opt for an eye-catching gel polish, at Amsterdam Nail we make sure you leave the salon satisfied.

Make your appointment now and let your hands shine. See you soon at Amsterdam Nail.